Nice to meet you :)

A lot of companies have big offices, wealthy investors, and plans to take over the world.

Not Shuffleboard.

Shuffleboard is just one person: me. And I pretty much only do two things—build features and talk to customers. That’s what makes this product so simple and focused.

I wish more founders put more of their focus on making great products. I also think they should be more transparent—that’s why I filmed the entire first 100 days of my work on Shuffleboard and put it on YouTube.

I hope Shuffleboard can add a little joy to your day at work. If you have ANY questions, requests, nitpicks, or just want to say hello, please get in touch—I'd love to hear from you!

Picture of Sam, Founder of Shuffleboard
Sam signature
Sam Pierce Lolla, Founder


Shuffleboard is proudly made in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

My mailing address is:

Directed Works LLC
PO Box 7853
Ann Arbor, MI, 40107


The best way to reach me is through this contact form, or chat widget in the lower right of your screen.


If you want to write about Shuffleboard, this press kit has a press release and high-resolution images.