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Purpose workshop

Origin, vision, mission, strategy, tactics

As a consultant, I worked with a lot of companies trying to define their products and brands.

The first place to start is usually understanding the company's "DNA". Who are they, and what are they really trying to accomplish?


The purpose workshop starts out with a discussion of the founding of your organization. After that it zooms out to the big vision you have for the world, and incrementally focuses the team on concrete plans and next steps to get there.

1. Defining our purpose

Who are we, where are we going, and why?

2. What is our origin story?

Who created this organization? And more importantly, why?

3. What is our vision?

What do we think a better world would look like?

4. What is our mission?

What will we do in the next 50 years to make that vision come true?

5. What is our strategy?

What unique way are we going to go about accomplishing that goal?

6. What are our tactics?

What specific activities do we need to perform to get there?

7. That's it!

Thanks for joining us :)

If your team is getting to the size where misalignment is creating conflict, consider an exercise like this to help everyone agree on your purpose and goals.

- Sam

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