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Daily standup

What we did yesterday, plans for today, and blockers

Daily standup meetings are at the heart of most agile and lean teams. They are often held at the beginning of the work day, and often with attendees literally standing up. This keeps the updates short and to the point.


The format for a standup is simple (it has to be—otherwise you would need to sit down). Standups should take only 5-10 minutes, which means everyone needs to be concise, clear, and prepared.

There are only three questions for each attendee:

1. Standup

What we did yesterday, plans for today, and blockers

2. What did you do yesterday?

3. What will you do today?

4. Is anything blocking you?

5. That's it!

Thanks for joining us :)

One of the most important aspects of facilitating a standup is to keep everyone's answers short. If someone goes off on a tangent, they should save their discussion for after the standup. That way, anyone who doesn't need to listen in can skip the update.

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