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How might we...

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How Might We sessions ask participants to brainstorm ideas by filling in the phrase "How might we ________"?

These are one of the most popular design thinking exercises, and for good reason. Brainstorming ideas in this format is easy for almost any participant—it requires no drawing skills and no technical knowledge.

Participants can give broad answers if they choose ("how might we make our first-time custom experience better?") or get very specific ("how might we encourage new enterprise customers to explore our case studies?")

The format encourages ideas that are specific, but not so specific that they limit our thinking. Compared to a prototype or an elaborate sketch, How Might We's are fast to write and easy to understand.


A How Might we session usually starts after . For example, after a journey map is complete. It's usually a good idea to give participants at least a few minutes of individual brainstorming answers before coming together as a group and discussing the answers.

The shortest version of a How Might We includes only one slide with the prompt:

1. How might we...

How might we sessions are perfect to collect votes on because it can help you prioritize which of the ideas you want your team to focus on.

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