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Simple Q&A

Take questions from the audience

There's no simpler way to engage a live audience than taking questions.

Unfortunately, opening up the floor has a few downsides. Long-winded questions waste time, and awkward or off-topic questions can disrupt your session.

A bigger problem is that questions from random outspoken individuals rarely reflect the questions of the audience as a whole.

One way to solve this is having people submit questions on their phones. That way, you can "read the room" before answering and focus on the best questions.


There's really only one prompt you need for a simple Q&A:

1. Welcome

We'll get started soon!

2. What questions do you have?

3. That's it!

Thanks for joining us :)

In Shuffleboard, audience members can even vote on the questions they like, making the best of your time in the spotlight.

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I loved the lightweight experience of Shuffleboard. It felt like Jackbox for a business workshop… and it really did help us get productive input from a large group of people at once. I think I’d want to use this tool even if I was doing an in person session!

Guy Suter
Startup founder using Shuffleboard for culture-building

The best part of Shuffleboard is how everyone joins just by clicking a link. I can immediately collect everybody's ideas in a transparent way, but stay in control of the chaos and finish the meeting with an actionable, shareable plan.

Brian Hayden
Startup founder and instructor at the University of Michigan

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