A new tool for remote board meetings

Shuffleboard helps you gather and organize live suggestions from your most important stakeholders

These days, everyone has their meetings online.

If you're the one running a meeting, it's no longer enough to know your material—now, you need to be skilled in remote tools too.

For a lot of people, that means using virtual whiteboards. While your meeting is running, your attendees can explore an infinite virtual canvas with sticky notes, scribbles, pictures, and flying cursors for each attendee.

Unfortunately, sometimes these whiteboards are pretty hard to use.

Participants often get lost or confused. Facilitators spend time getting everyone set up and comfortable, which cuts into the actual session. It's hard to keep everyone in the same "place", and the piles of virtual stick notes get messy quick.

Essentially, it's easy for remote tools to be more distracting than helpful. It takes a lot of work from meeting hosts to keep up, and sometimes facilitators are so busy they can't really participate in their own sessions.

Shuffleboard is a new, simpler collaborative meeting tool. Shuffleboard is made to do one thing really well: help facilitators gather responses and foster discussion during remote sessions.

Just like a virtual whiteboard, it works alongside your video call software. It also lets you gather sticky notes from a group—but that's where the similarities end.

Before your session, the facilitator can create slides with questions. But unlike a normal side deck, your participants can add answers to each slide during the session. Facilitators can reorder and combine their ideas.

There are built-in timers to keep your meeting on track, and voting tools to get feedback from the group.

One of the most popular features is the PDF reports that let you share your session with all of your attendees in one click.

Your participants won’t need to download an app or create an account to join your session, and they can participate from any device. Just send the link when you’re ready and you’re good to go.

Most importantly, Shuffleboard is extremely and simple for participants AND facilitators to use. That way, everyone's attention stays on you and your session.

If you’re looking for a better way to run collaborative meetings, try Shuffleboard for free. Full plans for start at $29.

How it works

Simple interactive slides, voting, and more
Woman holding mobile phoneWoman facilitating a meetingAnother man participating via video callMan participating via video callHand holding mobile phone with a prompt: "What went well?"
You type a question
People answer on their own device
Timers, voting, and more
Reorder and stack ideas
Strategy workshop
What's working well?
Great communication between teams
Started meetings on time and ended early
Got customer feedback early and reacted fast
Great planning workshop on Tuesday!
Broke big tasks down into small chunks (instead of doing everything at once)
More time spend with support staff
Clear goals from the beginning
We hit our deadline!

Just like sticky notes—without the hassle

Here's how it works
Three slides, one with a welcome note and the other two with questions and answers

Organize your session with slides

Each slide has an open-ended question that everyone can answer

Everyone stays on the same slide
Text-only slide for intros and breaks
Edit slides on-the-fly
Someone typing an answer on a phone

Join with any device

Typing a response is as simple as sending a text message.

No log in required to join a session
Participants don't need training
No app to download or install
A stack of answers

Stack and reorder ideas

Drag similar ideas together to create a stack, or drag to change the card order.

Items aligned in a grid
Hide ideas until everyone is done typing
Instantly sort by the most popular
A countdown timer and answer with votes

Timers and voting

Foster discussion and get consensus—without letting things get off track.

Everyone sees the timer on their own device
Votes are hidden until everyone votes
A printed report of answers

Instant meeting notes

No more transcribing big walls of sticky notes.

Perfectly formatted with zero effort
Print reports as PDF or MS Word
Export data to CSV
Templates for
Board Meetings

I loved the lightweight experience of Shuffleboard. It felt like Jackbox for a business workshop… and it really did help us get productive input from a large group of people at once. I think I’d want to use this tool even if I was doing an in person session!

Guy Suter
Startup founder using Shuffleboard for culture-building

The best part of Shuffleboard is how everyone joins just by clicking a link. I can immediately collect everybody's ideas in a transparent way, but stay in control of the chaos and finish the meeting with an actionable, shareable plan.

Brian Hayden
Startup founder and instructor at the University of Michigan

When communication and alignment matter

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